Birla Museum, Madhya Pradesh

Birla Museum

One among the most prominent complexes in Bhopal is the Birla Museum. This museum is believed to have varied collection related to informative and creative artifacts of Madhya Pradesh that signifies its remarkable historic era. Although this city has many such structures in its province, but the Birla Museum holds a special place in the hearts of tourists.

The museum displays a culturally affluent and generous collection of interesting artifacts that enhance its appeal, thus the Birla museum of Bhopal is a must visit place.

While travelling within its premises you can discover some old structures and a huge circular hall as your enter the premises. On its left side there is a splendid Siva gallery, which holds remarkable structures from the early 10th century, a dancing lord Ganesh idol and beautiful icons of Uma-Maheshwari. Right to the Siva gallery, you can witness the amazing Vishnu Gallery that describes the Stone Age era and great pieces of artwork built using red and white stone. 

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