Archaeological Museum, Madhya Pradesh

Archaeological Museum

Situated in the vicinity of the amazing Lower Lake, the famous Bhopal Museum, which later came to be known as the Archaeological museum, is a home to precious artefacts of Madhya Pradesh.

Instated in year 2005, during the month of November, the museum incorporates a huge collection of wonderful handicrafts, figurines, musical instruments, sculptures and various natural raw materials collected from different parts of the country.

Today the building displays an anthology of prehistoric treasures, right from the 10th century to the time of Khajuraho emperors. Along with this, there are some vital sculptures, coins, tribal handicrafts and paintings from the Bagh Cave treasures and the Hindu dynasties. These pieces of artefacts present an insight of the early medieval period and rich heritage of the state. However, the major attraction of this structure remains the idols of Shiva Parvati, amazing carvings of Khajuraho caves and icons of Buddha that add to its magnetism.

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