Junagarh Fort, Rajasthan

Junagarh Fort

Constructed by Raja Rai Singh in the year 1593, Junagarh fort was constructed using innovative techniques. Originally called as Chintamai, it was later renamed as Junagarh fort when the ruling family moved out of it.

Situated in the arid regions of desert Thar, this fort was bordered by famous Aravalli hills. Though this fort has been attacked many times, but it was never conquered. An impressive monument in the city of Rajasthan, Junagarh fort boasts of its huge battlements and towers that were used for defense.

An impressive structure, it is encircled by a moat and houses some of the most beautiful palaces. This fort consists of 986 walls and has two entrances, named as Daulatpol and Surajpol, while the latter was regarded as the main gate of the fort. Handprints of royal ladies who used to commit sati on the burning pyres of their husbands can be clearly seen on Daulatpol.

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