Walkeshwar Temple, Maharashtra

Walkeshwar Temple

Location: An ancient temple, Walkeshwar temple is placed perfectly in the beautiful locales of Malabar hills. This temple is located in the southern Mumbai.

Description: This magnificent temple was constructed in 1127AD during the rule of Silhara Dynasty. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Walkeshwar Temple has an interesting story behind its construction. According to the legends, it is believed that Lord Rama, while heading toward Sri Lanka to get his wife back, stopped at this spot. This is where lord Rama also worshiped Shiv Lingam by constructing the lingam out of sand.  The main attraction of this temple is the Banganga Tank, which remains full with fresh water throughout the year. This tank was built by a Brahmin minister, named Lakshman Prabhu. However, this temple was destroyed in the 16th century by Portuguese army during their rule over the city of Mumbai. Later on, in the year of 1715, the complex was rebuilt by Rama Kamath, a philanthropist and a businessman. Visitors and devotees in large number visit this temple to pray to the lord.

Activities: After praying in the temple, tourists can indulge in taking part in the local services. Tourists can also relish the Prasad which is given to everybody who visits this temple.

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