Victoria Terminus (CST Terminus), Maharashtra

Victoria Terminus (CST Terminus)

Location: Victoria Terminus is a historic and popular railway station which is located on the D.N. Road in the city of Mumbai.

Description: Victoria Terminus has been renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and was declared as a world heritage site in the year 2004 by UNESCO. This terminus was constructed in 1888 and serves as a reminder of the pre independence time. This architectural wonder was designed by F.W. Stevens, a British architecture, who gave it its former name. Completed over a time period of 10 years, this building was regarded as one of the most expensive constructions in the city of Mumbai. This structure was designed according to Victorian Gothic architecture style, which was accepted by Europeans as well as by the Indians also. The entrance of the terminus is adorned by figurines of a tiger and a lion which represents India and Great Britain, respectively.

Activities: Besides visiting the famous Victoria Terminus, a visit to the attractions that lie nearby can be a good way to make your trip memorable. Travelers can visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Flora Fountain, Elephanta Caves and Juhu Beach. A visit to these locations can help a person to unwind and make him feel relaxed.

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