Kanheri Caves, Maharashtra

Kanheri Caves

Location: Kanheri Caves are situated within the lush green forests of the famous Sanjay Gandhi National Park located at Borivali in the city of Mumbai. These ancient caves are located at a height of 1500 ft above the sea level.

Description: Kanheri Caves are believed to be one the earliest cave temples that are present in the country, along with the Ajanta and Karla caves. Constructed during the time period from 1st century BC to 10th century CE, these caves are carved out of huge basaltic rocks. These caves derive their name from “Krishnagiri”, a Sanskrit word which literally means a black mountain. These caves also suggest that attempts were made by the ancient Indians to harvest the rain water as the water collected from rain was channelized into various tanks. These caves also served as Buddhist Viharas, where Buddhist monks could live, study and meditate. Various inscriptions of Lord Buddha’s teachings and life can also be seen inside the caves. 

Activities: From the caves tourists can enjoy a magnificent view of the city located downhill. Art lovers can study the unfinished paintings of Lord Buddha which are crafted on the ceilings. During the monsoons, beautiful cascades are created amidst the hilly terrains, which offer a beautiful view.

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