Radio Telescope, Tamil Nadu

Radio Telescope

Location: Situated in Muthorai, the Radio Telescope is a popular tourist destination which lies close to the hill station of Ooty. This telescope is mainly used to observe inter planetary movements.

Description: Radio Telescope is a part of National Centre of Radio Astrophysics (NCRA) of the famous Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). With the help of the Department of Atomic Energy, these institutes are funded by the Government of India. The radio telescope is 30 m wide and 530 m long parabolic telescope. Operating at a frequency of 326.5 MHz, this telescope has been designed with the help of Indian technology and resources. This telescope was built in 1970 and is believed to be the most sensitive telescopes around the world. Observations that have been made with the help of this radio telescope have lead to various discoveries and a number of phenomena that occur in the solar system were also explained. This telescope can also detect signals occurring at a distance of 10 million km away from the station.

Activities: After an enriching experience at this observatory, travelers can also visit other important attractions that have made this hill station highly popular, especially among nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and religious inclined visitors.

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