Ramar Temple, Tamil Nadu

Ramar Temple

Ramar Temple is situated in Thiruvavur and Lord Rama is the presiding God in this temple. The statue of Lord Rama is shown wearing an attractive crown. It is a common belief that portraying lord Rama as a ruler began long before lord attained the kingdom. Actually lord Rama was presented in this form only to impress lord Bharadwajawar. This is a very old temple and is considered to have been built twenty centuries ago. Disciples of lord Rama visit this temple very often. The common belief is that worshipping the lord here helps the devotees to get rid of their sins and thus they can attain peace of mind and solace. This is considered as a very pious place by the followers of Hinduism and has a great historical and cultural significance. Devotees from all over India should visit this place and offer prayers so as to take the blessings of lord Rama and attain tranquility.

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