Aazhiyaar Dam (Aaleeyaar Dam), Tamil Nadu

Aazhiyaar Dam (Aaleeyaar Dam)

Aazhiyaar Dam (Aaleeyaar Dam) is located in Coimbatore. It is at a distance of around 25 kilometers from a place named Polachi which comes under Coimbatore district. This dam was built during 60’s over a river, named Aazhiyaar. The main aim of this dam is to supply water for irrigation.  This dam embraces various dams which are linked by subways for regulating the water of several rivers, enclosing at diverse altitudes, for generating electric power. The dam has been well planned and the beauty of this dam attracts people from near and far. This dam serves as a picnic spot as well. The electricity generated with the help of this dam is used in various parts of the state and a large land area is irrigated with the water supplied by this dam. Thus we can say that Aaleeyaar Dam is very useful for irrigation as well as power generation and it is actually the real strength of Tamil Nadu.

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