Thread Garden, Tamil Nadu

Thread Garden

Showcasing some of the most exotic and special collections of man-made or artificial flowers and plants, Thread garden is a very famous tourist destination of Ooty. All the flowers showcased here are a piece of the great craftsmanship of extremely skilled artists and that too with the use of just simple threads.

The man behind the creation of this thread marvels is Antony Joseph. He has been continuously working in collaboration with his 50 hardworking helpers for twelve years. About 6 crore meters of the embroidery threads have been used for creating this unique attraction spot in the world. To further amaze you, not even a single stitch of a needle or any other kind of machines has been used in the production of these flowers.

To make flowers and petals stiff cardboards are used while steel and copper wires are used for making stems. To make these flowers look attractive a lot of colors in terms of threads are used. The garden displays more than 150 different kinds of flowers that have been produced artificially and they are committed to last long and remain fresh for an unbelievable period of time.

While visiting the thread garden, you not only get a chance to have a look at these beauties personally, but you can even purchase these for your home as well. All you need to keep in mind is that you should be careful while preserving them so that the flowers do not get discolored.  The flowers must not be subjected to direct sunlight or even artificial lights. As the flowers are permanently fixed to the base they must be covered well to protect them from dust and one should only use cotton to clean the outer glass surface.

 If you visit Ooty and then do not visit the thread garden then your visit is incomplete as this garden is an integral part of the city of Ooty.

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