Thandi Sadak, Himachal Pradesh

Thandi Sadak

This Sadak comprises of crisscross roads twirled in number eight shape. Walking through this road has a refreshing effect. This is very attractive place in Dalhousie that provides a good environment for a comfortable walk. Thandi Sadak is gaining importance from the tourism point of view and presents an extensive view of the Panji mount and the nearby valleys. Oak, deodar and pine trees are lined up along this road. The trees cover this area and obstruct sunlight to fall on this road which makes this road cool and hence this place gets its name as the Thandi Sadak. This place describes the tranquil and picturesque beauty of Dalhousie where amiability of nature can be enjoyed. Visitors to this place like to have a walk on this road and enjoy the calmness and beauty of nature which is rarely found elsewhere. Thus Thandi Sadak serves as a hot destination for tourists to visit.

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