Gauri Shankar Temple, Chamba HP, Himachal Pradesh

Gauri Shankar Temple, Chamba HP

This temple was constructed in the eleventh century and is considered one of the oldest temples in Chamba. Gauri Shankar is combined name of god Shiva and his wife goddess Parvathi. This temple has a great historical as well as cultural importance. Gauri Shankar Temple is devoted to God Shiva and here Lord Shiva along with his better half Parvathi in the statue made of brass looks awesome and emanates sanctity. This temple is a part of a very big construction and it has been positioned at the front of the building. Lord’s image is hidden by pieces of cloth and iron bars which provide an elegant outlook to this shrine. This structure speaks of the greatness of Gupta regime, as the temple construction was sponsored by the great king Yugkar Varman. People from different corners of this hill station visit this temple and take blessings of Gauri Shankara.

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