Garam Sadak, Himachal Pradesh

Garam Sadak

Bordered with beautiful tress, Garam Sadak is considered as the best esplanade in this hill station. There is a caption written on the signboard that reads ‘walking is the trend in the knolls’. This road is one of the crisscross roads that join two chowks; the Subash Chowk and the Gandhi Chowk. Specialty of this road is that it remains hot and that is why it is named so; the reason behind the warm temperature is the fact that direct sunshine falls on this road.

One more specialty of this road is that vehicles are not allowed here and only pedestrians can traverse through this road. This road remains bright and shining during the day time but there is no facility of lights for the night. So it is advisable to take some source of light, for example a torch or a flashlight while travelling through this road during the night time.

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