Ganji Pahari, Himachal Pradesh

Ganji Pahari

This place is a well known place in Dalhousie and is 5 kilometers away from the town. The name Ganji Pahari comprises of two words Ganji meaning bald and pahari meaning hill. So this hill is also known as bald hill. Reason behind such a name is the absence of trees at the mountaintop and it appears as if there exists a bald patch at its top. From the town center it takes around 1 hour walk to reach this place.

This place serves as an extensive picnic spot and it presents a picturesque view of valleys and hills surrounding it. You can have a nice time in cool weather and calm atmosphere that is experienced there. Tourists visiting Dalhousie visit this place for fun and entertainment. This place is open for visitors throughout the year. Snow fall during winters makes it even more appealing to the tourists.

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