Hariraya Temple, Chamba HP, Himachal Pradesh

Hariraya Temple, Chamba HP

This temple is devoted to lord Vishnu and is positioned adjoining the central park. The temple is a stone building and displays Shikara style of architecture. The brown statue established here with three faces is a composition of eight different styles that presents an excellent view. The temple construction dates back to eleventh century and has idols of other deities, like lord Shankara, Aruna and Surya. The presiding god is decorated with various ornaments like mukut, rings, kundals, necklaces, bracelets etc.

Finely sculpted shikaras and an excellent statue of Vishnu sitting on six horses have got a mesmerizing appeal. The statue having saffron color has great antiquity value; it is the only shrine coated with Saffron color and attracts attention because of its illustrious color. A beautiful bronze idol of lord in Chaturmurti is also present in the temple. Devotees of lord Vishnu visit this temple and offer prayers to take his blessings.

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