Subhash Baoli, Himachal Pradesh

Subhash Baoli

This spring is an eternal spring named after Subhash Chandra Bose, a well known freedom fighter who visited Dalhousie in 1937 as he was not keeping well. Netaji stayed here for around 7 months to regain his health. It is believed that the freedom fighter was rekindled by the sedated water of this spring. At a distance of around 1 kilometer from Gandhi Chowk, this place serves as a famous picnic spot. This place is also famous for the mesmerizing view of the mountains and the natural attractions present over there. Just opposite to the Lake is a waterfall that terminates in glacial brook. Lovers of natural beauty can enjoy a walk through the woods to a spot where they will be flooded with a den of water that is transparent; a surprising fact is that not a single drop of water will touch them. A little tea shop can also be seen there and local snacks are available in the shop. The nearby places that can be reached from here are St. Francis Church, Jandhri Ghat and St. Andrews Church.

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