Dominican Monastery, Daman and Diu

Dominican Monastery

The Dominican Monastery of Daman used to be one of the greatest centers for scholars of Catholicism from around the world who wished to study theology. Whether they were just beginning in their studies or were experienced and learned scholars, this Monastery used to be a great center of learning and piety. However, over the years, this monastery began to decline in popularity, further exacerbated by the cessation of this territory to the newly independent India. The ruins of this monastery are still a testament to the faith and skill of those who built it, with beautiful floral motifs which have been carved into the stone by hand. Despite its physical decline, the ruins of the Dominican Monastery have not lost their spiritual appeal, being a very favored tourist destination especially among those who follow the teachings of Christ. Tourists can still visit these ruins and can even participate in the litany sung here by the faithful on the 2nd of February every year.

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