St Jerome Fort, Daman and Diu

St Jerome Fort

A historically important place, St. Jerome Fort gives a clear insight about the history. On entering this beautifully carved fort, the first thing which a person shall notice is the opulent gateway which is adorned by a large statue of one of the renowned priests, St. Jerome, after whom the fort was named.

This fort also houses an impressive Church of Our Lady of the Sea. This Catholic Church is an ancient seat of office and consists of a fine altar with beautiful paneling. A clear view of the fish market as well as the small fishing fleet can be experienced from the ramparts.

To the north of the fort lies a Jain temple whose walls are covered with glass murals that are from the 18th century and portrays life of Mahavira, founder of Jainism. This is a place worth visiting by those people who have keen interest in knowing more about the history of a place.

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