Panikota Fort, Daman and Diu

Panikota Fort

The Panikota Fort offers a magnificent view of the Daman and Diu Island as well as of the adjoining areas. Located near the Diu Fort, it is also known as Fortim do Mar. A marvelous wonder, this fortress is a structure that can any day match the grandeur and power of the sea.

This well known fort can be approached with the help of a boat. Tourists in large number visit this superb structure which stands tall in the sea opening of a creek and houses a light house and a church. This Fortress of Panikota helps the travelers in gaining more knowledge about the social and cultural life of the people of the region.

Even after being a witness to many events in the past, it still stands strong. This fort always remains on the must visit list of the tourists travelling to Daman because it always look enchantingly inviting.

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