Pakhal Lake, Andhra Pradesh

Pakhal Lake

Location: Pakhal Lake is located in Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary at a distance of about 70 Km from Warangal, Andhra Pradesh.

Description: Pakhal Lake is a manmade lake, built in a tributary of Krishna River in the 13th century by Ganapati Deva, a Kakatiya ruler. Situated amidst dense forests and hilly terrain, it is a retreat for tourists. Animals, like leopard, beer and tiger, can often be seen along the lake, which is spread over an area of 30 square kilometers and showcases a magnificent site. Tourists come here in large numbers to witness the natural beauty of the place. Moreover, being inside a wildlife sanctuary, it offers a chance to spot distinct animals and birds. It is home to mammals like jackals, hyenas, sloth bear, wolves, panthers, and reptiles like cobra, crocodiles, monitor lizard, common krait etc. Incomparable beauty can be experienced when the moonlight falls on the shores of the lake. A trip to Warangal would not be complete without visiting the alluring Pakhal Lake. One should not miss an exciting trip to Pakhal Lake at any cost.

Activities: Tourists can enjoy the natural beauty and calmness of Pakhal Lake. Because of its location in wildlife sanctuary, the richness of the jungle can be explored best here. Moreover, visitors can stay in the nearby rest house to enjoy an unforgettable stay in jungle.

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