Kamraj Sagar Lake, Tamil Nadu

Kamraj Sagar Lake

The dam named Kamraj Sagar Lake lies in the suburban areas of Ooty and is located in the center of the forests and is therefore, an ideal picnic spot. The place is at a distance from Ooty and is visited by people seeking peace and great family time. A lot of herbs and shrubs can be found in the soil of Kamrah Sagar Lake. The place is also famous for the mesmerizing natural views amongst tourists and can be photographed for those perfect pictures.  Many movies have already been shot here and even in the neighboring region of this lake, that includes the open roads and the slopes of the Wendlock Sagar.

The lake contains highly chilled water and you can have a great fishing experience in the waters. This is the reason why fishing industry flourishes in the area. Rice and fish are the most widely available foods here and you can expose your tongue to a diverse variety of cooked fish here.

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