Yuksom, Sikkim


Situated at a remoteness of around 33km from Pelling, Yuksom was designated as the first capital of Sikkim. The literal meaning of the term” Yuksom” symbolizes the meeting point of the three Lamas.

Positioned at a height of about 1,780 meter, above the sea level the place represents a perfect view of the snow capped mountains and ethnic beauty of Sikkim. In addition to this the region observes huge influx of tourists as it offers the great opportunity to have the benefit of experiencing trekking and mountain climbing in its rock-strewn hills and the splendid climbs of mount Kanchenjunga. Adding to its beauty a beautiful waterfall renowned as the Phamrong waterfall, is to be found nearly around 9kms away from Yuksom.  A bridge close at hand to this waterfall offers tourists the facility to enjoy the overwhelming scenery of the waterfall and its surrounding scenery. Tourists can easily reach in via Pelling or the Tashiding Monastery i.e., amidst its dense forest, thus adding thrill and excitement to your journey.

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