River Teesta, Sikkim

River Teesta

Originating from the gigantic Himalayas, passing through Sikkim and West Bengal, the famous Teesta River serves as a lifeline for its residents. Sprawled over an entire length of about 393 km, the valley has a rich assortment of biodiversity and scenic beauty.

Passing through Sikkim the lake meets Rangeet, another major tributary which originates from Rathong Glacier and then finally flows into the Brahmaputra. Tourists can visit the valley during summer and winters, while rainy season makes the region quite muddy and dangerous to wander around. In addition to this, the river has become a battleground for the Bhutia and Lepcha communities in Sikkim and the government of India.

However, the government still hopes to dam the free flowing water for generating hydropower. As by now, 71 km of the river already flows through the earthquake-prone areas and geologically frail terrains. Thus by reserving and diverting its flow through tunnels for the use of hydropower generation to produce electricity can secure the biodiversity and richness of the region.

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