Kabi Lungchok, Sikkim

Kabi Lungchok

Situated in Sikkim, Kabi Lungchok is at a distance of about 17km from the Northern Highway of Gangtok. Kabi Lungchok has great historical significance associated with it. This is the place where the colonists from Tibet settled down in the early 14th century.

The spot has witnessed a historical event as well, as the treaty of friendship between the Lepcha chief and the Bhutia king here, which came to be known as “the treaty of brotherhood”. The agreement was done to encourage the religious tolerance amongst devotees and people all around the state. In addition to it, a stone pillar was erected amidst its dense woods in the memory of this event. Adding to its magnificence is the beautifully carved figurines of 'blood-brothers' namely the Bhutia and the Lepcha. For nature lovers it is a retreat with immense beauty and lush greenery on its surroundings that makes one spellbound.

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