Kabi Longstok, Sikkim

Kabi Longstok

A small town situated 17km away from the north capital of Gangtok, is the renowned Kabi Longstok. This historical place lies in the Indian state of Sikkim and is known to be the place where Sikkimese history instigated in the early 13th century.

This place has a great past associated with it, as here the friendship treaty of brotherhood was signed between a Tibetan chieftain Khey Bumsa and Lepcha tribal chief Tetong Tek. The major attraction of this town is a huge stone pillar positioned amidst the dense forest where the agreement was signed. A stone's throw away there is a Thakurbani Temple, which has the Statue of Unity and it was erected to mark this event. Adding to its splendor there is a fine-looking Buddhist monastery, where you can see kids and the followers of Buddhism studying about this religion and its beliefs. There is a library and a garden where you can discover more about this place and its glorious past in soothing environs.

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