Kanchenjunga, Sikkim


Most gigantic and third amongst the highest peaks in the world, is the renowned Kanchenjunga hill. The name is derived from a Tibetan word, which literally means “five treasuries of the great snow”.

Mighty upheaval of the peak covered with snow and its striking magnificence makes this a magnificent part of the Himalayan Range. However, it is still mostly an unexplored peak that has managed to maintain its absolute magnetism and attracts trekkers and nature lovers from all across the world.

It is also spelled as Kinchinjunga or Kangchenjunga and is at a height of about 28,169 feet above the sea level. Situated in the eastern Himalayas it is surrounded by three territories. In the south and east it is Sikkim, in west it is Nepal and in the North it is Tibet. Due to its location it gives the best view of pristine wooded area and picturesque villages. Those who like adventurous activities, they can enjoy mount climbing and trekking in its hills.

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