Bison Valley, Bellikkal, Tamil Nadu

Bison Valley, Bellikkal

The name Bison valley has been derived from the name Indian Bison that wanders throughout the region. The site of this valley promises excellent and impressing views of the forests of cardamom. The region is enclosed by dense greenery whose glimpse can be caught all around the valley.

The valley is a home to different species of wildlife and the animals found here include deer, tigers, Indian bison, bears and elephants as well. Tourists engage themselves in long walks all along the stretches that run in and around the valley and are a favorite leisure activity. 

Other activities include trekking and mountain biking. You can even enjoy spending time observing the flocks of birds while relaxing in the Bison valley. Woodpeckers, drongos, morning doves, shrikes and bulbuls are a few beautiful birds found here.

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