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Besides enthralling visitors with its magnificent attractions and incomparable beauty, Goa has many other facets for the tourists to explore. For all the adventure seekers, Goa is a perfect place to partake in thrilling rallies, which are organized here at many places attracting huge crowds of supporters and viewers. The unimaginable view of vehicles zooming in the beautiful landscape of Goa is sure to leave you spellbound. More than a pastime, rallies here are taken very seriously and special championships are organized which see participation by professional rallyists from all over the country and even from foreign countries. Vehicles and gears to participate in rallies are easily available here. Vehicles partaking in these rallies are categorized and they compete for trophies. Besides the usual cars, bikes and autos, you can also see bullock carts participating in these rallies, thus depicting the diversity and equality that Goa is so famous for.

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