Microlite Flying, Goa

Microlite Flying

Soaring majestically through the skies, with the sun in your face and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches below you seems like something only the seagulls of Goa can enjoy. Not any more, however. Thanks to the introduction of a whole new adventure sport, called Microlite Flying, tourists who are visiting Goa can now enjoy one of the latest crazes sweeping across the world of adventure sports in a big way. This adventure sport made its entry into the hearts and minds of the locals and tourists of Goa on Calangute Beach. There are numerous other beaches as well, where tourists can get to participate in this sport. For the uninitiated, a Microlite is a small motorized aircraft with a maximum occupancy of 3, depending on the model. This aircraft is piloted across the beach by the pilot of the craft, giving tourists the much needed thrill they were looking for.

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