St Sebastian Chapel, Goa

St Sebastian Chapel

A holy place for the Christian community, St Sebastian Chapel is located in the small village of Fontainhas and holds an important position amongst local people because of a crucifix that is regarded as magical and it was originally situated at Velha Goa.

This chapel is surrounded by immense scenic beauty and majestic mountains. According to legends, it is believed that St Sebastian was an old saint who was consulted by a large number of people when they were burdened with epidemics. The saint, along with his miraculous interventions, eliminated recurrence of plagues and pests.

Because of its nearness to the ancient caves in which the Pandavas are believed to have stayed, this chapel is also called as Pandava Chapel. It is also believed that Tipu Suntu Naique Sar Dessai, who was a Pandava, also converted to Christianity at this place. Therefore, while on a trip to Goa, visitors never forget coming here to seek lord’s blessings.

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