Sri Ramnath Temple, Goa

Sri Ramnath Temple

Situated in Ramnathim in Goa, panchayasthan system is followed at Sri Ramnath Temple, which is an exquisitely designed shrine. Five Hindu gods, namely Laxmi Narayan, Kalbhairav, Ganpati, Shanteri and the main deity, Sri Ramnath, find their place in this temple.

Legend has it that after assassinating Ravana, Lord Rama was filled with remorse and decided to pray to Lord Shiva in order to repent for the killing of a Brahmin. Therefore, he installed a Shivalinga and prayed to it. As the temple was believed to be established by lord Rama, hence the place was named as Ramnath.

The idol that adorns the temple was relocated from its original place because of the fear of ill-treatment by the Portuguese. However, this idol was installed in an area that was ruled by Adil Shah, the then ruler of Bijapur. A festival is also held annually which is celebrated with huge enthusiasm by the local residents and tourists alike. 

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