Sri Mahalsa Temple, Goa

Sri Mahalsa Temple

The temple is dedicated to Mohini and was built in 1567. A very interesting legend is associated with this temple. According to the Hindu mythology, at the time of Samundramanthan, the devtas and the asuras churned the ocean to get amrit that could be used to attain immortality. Asuras almost won the amrit pot, during the fight between the two sects. Lord Vishnu then turned into a woman, Mohini and attracted the asuras with her beauty and elegance. Asuras got fascinated with the charm of Mohini. Thus they lost the pot and chance of attaining immortality.

This temple contains a seven storied lamp tower and a light tower as well. Light tower is around 12.5 meter high and is supposed to be the tallest tower in the entire world. Interiors of the temple have a wooden pillar carving while the main hall presents Vishnu in his 10 incarnations. Shrine has a door that is framed in silver color and an idol of the deity draped in a silk saree, having a yellow and red color.

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