Church of Holy Spirit, Goa

Church of Holy Spirit

The Church of the Holy Spirit was built in the year 1565 by the Portuguese settlers, who had arrived in Goa after destroying the Shri Damodar Temple which was originally located here. Continued conflict between different cultures and dynasties which fought for control over the state of Goa, like the Mughal Empire, resulted in the destruction of this church till the construction of the new Church of the Holy Spirit in the year 1675, which can be visited by tourists even today. Visitors to this church, who are interested in architecture, will love the Indian Baroque detailing which is present inside, as well as a large pipe organ which is used in services. There is a large dome atop the central structure which is flanked by two towers. There is a side entrance which can be used to gain access to the church. On the 10th of June every year, a feast is also held here.

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