Chapel of St Catherine, Goa

Chapel of St Catherine

The Chapel of St. Catherine is one of the many churches in Goa which was built in the year 1510 as a commemoration of the entry of the Governor Alfonso De Albuquerque into the city, taking control of it from its Muslim rulers. This chapel was reconstructed from the year 1550 to 1552 by the then Governor of Goa, George Cabral, who also oversaw the installation of a large slab which carried the inscription felicitating Albuquerque’s arrival. In the year 1534, the existing chapel was elevated to the status of a cathedral, according to an order issued by His Holiness Pope John Paul III, till the construction of the new cathedral. Architecturally inclined tourists who come to visit this church are sure to love the laterite blocks and the towers which surround the façade of this chapel. Tourists can also visit the Church of St. Francis of Assisi to the east of this chapel.

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