Siridao Beach, Goa

Siridao Beach

Due to the large number of tourists who generally visit the beaches of Goa, it is not possible to spend leisure time searching for pleasurable things, like shells. However, Siridao beach offers this opportunity at its oyster and pearl rich shores. This beach is somewhat special because of a large amount of rocks and caves that are present near it.

Jesus of Nazareth chapel is also present near this beach. To reach this chapel one needs to go on a hill top.  Siridao beach remains peaceful and tranquil, so one can relax in its pleasant ambiance, while children can enjoy playing on the beach. You can witness a special feature at the very entrance of the Siridao village. It is a sculpture of stone that consists of three idols that are playing some musical instruments. This village is famous for preserving signs of an enormous creature that resembles a man.

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