Odxel Beach, Goa

Odxel Beach

Situated in a village called Odxel, 10 km away from Panji, Odxel Beach is a perfect getaway for those who seek serenity and relaxation. The 2 km long Odxel Beach differs from all the other beaches in Goa due to its peaceful and quiet ambiance which attracts locals and tourists alike. Although Odxel Beach is not as popular among tourists as other beaches of Goa, which are full of vibrant activities, this picturesque beach stands out as an ideal picnic spot as swaying palms line its sandy shore, while the tranquil waters refresh your mind and soul. A chapel is located on this beach which has witnessed holy matrimony of many couples who chose the picture perfect setting of this beach to start the new chapter of their life. This beach is thronged by nature lovers, loungers and peace seekers, who like to spend some unforgettable moments in its mesmerizing environs.

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