Siolim, Goa


Siolim comprises of a number of villages that have luckily remained uninfluenced by any external influence whatsoever and this is the reason that you can still experience the authentic charm of these places, unaffected by modernism. This place is an example of old culture that is very much different from rest of Goa that we see today. The most attractive feature of Siolim is the Siolim house which is the residential place of erstwhile Governor of Macau.

This is a three hundred years old building, which has been converted into an opulent guest house. You will notice that there is no hustle and bustle created because of room service personnel and attendants. One can relax in the guest house without any disturbance. There is an arrangement for seven airy suites, a beautiful garden and availability of a swimming pool in Siolim and thus it draws a comparison with Portuguese villa.

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