Gateway of the Palace of Yusuf Adil Shah, Goa

Gateway of the Palace of Yusuf Adil Shah

Tourists who want to expand their knowledge about the diverse and colorful history of Goa, as well as the various architectural trends which have percolated into this state thanks to the various cultures which have thrived here over the course of this history, should definitely check out Gateway of the Palace of Yusuf Adil Shah. Adil Shah was one of the last Muslim rulers of Goa, whose reign extended from this state all the way to the city of Bijapur in the adjoining state of Karnataka. Goa was an especially prized territory and in order to commemorate his rule, Adil Shah built one of the world’s most beautiful palaces here, which was demolished in 1820 for residential constructions, leaving just the Gateway intact. With Hindu and Muslim influenced arches, this gateway is a testament to the intricate designs, which then went on to influence many architects in the future.

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