Sukhadia Circle, Rajasthan

Sukhadia Circle

Location: Sukhadia Circle is situated to the north of Udaipur city. This is one of the most important attractions of the city.

Description: Sukhadia Circle is a famous landmark present in the city and was built in the memory of Mohan Lal Sukhadia, former chief minister of Rajasthan. This square was opened for the public in the year of 1970 and its structure is believed to represent prosperity. Amidst this pond lies a three tiered fountain which was constructed out of marble. This square is surrounded by different gardens which enhance its beauty. People belonging to all ages are drawn towards this square. If you love spending quality time with your family and friends then you can easily do so as you can also opt for boating in the pond. This place looks more beautiful during the night time as it is all lit up. With music playing in the background during the night time, this place has become more of a recreational centre.

Activities: Different temples lie at a short distance from the Sukhadia Circle; therefore tourists visiting this attraction can easily mark a visit to any of these temples and seek lord’s blessings. Tourists can also visit different museums to enrich their knowledge.

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