Calangute Road, Goa

Calangute Road

The roads of the state of Goa are extremely inviting to any and all who get the opportunity to travel to this vacation destination. With open, sunny skies above, smooth tarmac below, lush natural greenery on one side and the Arabian Sea extending endlessly towards the horizon on the other end makes driving down these roads a pleasure which must be experienced. And nowhere is this more prominent than Calangute Road. This road goes all the way from Candolim, heading all the way up till Calangute Beach, allowing tourists the opportunity to enjoy some of the most scenic views. Its popularity has led to a large number of shops opening up along this road. Tourists traveling down Calangute Road will find a large number of banks, fast food restaurants, hotels, pubs, supply stores and even travel agencies which they can stop over at. This road, thanks to all these different places of business, has also become nearly as popular as the Calangute Beach, which it leads to.

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