Windsurfing, Goa


When noticed from a distance, what appears to be an effortless and exhilarating sport is one of the most difficult adventurous activities. Being an exclusive blend of sailing and surfing, windsurfing requires that the balance and strength of the surfer should be adjusted to the changing arrangement of the wind, as well as to that of water.

For beginners, Dona Paula bay is considered as an ideal location to experience this activity. Calm sea and soothing winds offer a lake like environment. Learners should preferably undertake this activity in the morning, as the steady and light breeze is just perfect to learn windsurfing. For the tourists who plan to face challenges should undertake windsurfing during the late afternoon, when strong winds set in. Power of the wind that gushes through a person’s hair at a high speed and forces the sail to act strangely, makes it a worth trying experience.

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