Banana Ride, Goa

Banana Ride

Many a time, tourists who are travelling with their children have to hold themselves back from a variety of tourism and/or entertainment options, because it might not be suitable for their children. Other times, when there is an option for children, it is mostly restricted to them, with the parents being relegated to the position of just observation. However, the Banana Ride in Goa is a great way for everyone to enjoy themselves. This boat ride is available at a number of beaches across Goa and is a perfect water sport for the entire family to enjoy. Like the name suggests, a Banana Ride entails everyone putting on their lifejackets and then straddling a large, bright yellow inflatable boat which is shaped like a banana. This boat is then harnessed behind a motorboat which sets off across the waves while patrons hold on. This ride is a great adrenaline boost and is sure to leave tourists breathless with excitement.

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