The Secretariat, Goa

The Secretariat

One of the striking monuments of the town remains The Secretariat. Regarded as one of the oldest buildings in Goa, The Secretariat was once the palace of the ruler of Bijapur, Adil Shah. However in the year 1759, this palace was converted by the Portuguese into the official residence of the viceroy.  

After constant repairs and renovations, this monument now houses Goa’s state legislative assembly. Once based on the Islamic style of architecture, this place is now a colonial building. Because of the presence of legislative assembly, this building is guarded by heavy security.

However tourists can enter this place to check out its exquisite carvings that give a glimpse of the Muslim architecture. Another attraction that can attract the visitor’s attention is the unusual statue of a person that appears to leer over a floundering woman. This statue was built as a tribute to one of the famous Goa’s sons, hypnotist Abbe Faria.

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