Achyutraya Temple (Tiruvengalanatha Temple), Karnataka

Achyutraya Temple (Tiruvengalanatha Temple)

A 500 years old memorial, Achyutraya Temple is a perfect illustration of the Vijayanagara style of architecture. Built in 1534 AD, this shrine is devoted to Lord Vishnu. The Tiruvengalanathatemple houses an idol of Lord Tiruvengalanatha, which is another form of Vishnu.

It was built under the supervision of a high ranking officer of Achyuta Raya. When compared with other places of worship in Hampi, this temple seems the most advanced in terms of design and style. Besides, the temple is believed to be the last grandiose shrine built prior to the fall of all the empires in Hampi.

Accompanied with Lord Vishnu, the temple holds a statue of lord Shiva who is also worshiped here. On the whole, its location is a bit complex as it is built facing north and is hidden from the main tourist tracks, because of which it is not much renowned among visitors. On the other hand the type of architecture and the use of monolithic blocks to carve this eminent structure help bring into the light the historical significance of this town.

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