Pampa Sarovar, Karnataka

Pampa Sarovar

One amongst the five sanctified Sarovars in India is the blissful Pampa Sarovar. Hidden amidst the rocky climbs of Anegundi, this temple is devoted to lord Shiva.  

The temple derives its name from divinity Pampa Devi, another form of Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati. It is said that goddess Parvati carried out her self-punishment here at this spot, to demonstrate her devotion to her beloved Shiva.

Facing the Sarovar you can see a small Shiva shrine and adjacent to the pond you can view a beautiful Ganesh temple constructed under a mango tree. Due to its historical importance, this pond is considered sacred for Hindus and is among the few places mentioned in Hindu epics and scriptures.

You can see a colorful decorated musical instrument in its courtyard which is played during the Arti time or any particular festival. Now, this whole system is connected to a motor, which was earlier played by the temple musicians.

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