Coracle (Dongi) Ride, Karnataka

Coracle (Dongi) Ride

Hampi enfolds a lot of historical monuments and temples that lure huge influx of visitors to discover its ancient past. However, if you wish to take some great memories with you, this place offers a perfect adventurous destination, named Coracle Ride. Situated along the banks of Tungabhadra River, this ride gives a perfect picturesque view of its amazing landscape.

During your excursion you can see several rock forms which are formed by wearing away of rocks, over thousands of years. For tourists there are amazing ferries available at their service to enjoy a ride along the Tungabhadra River. Also there are some small reed baskets like boats, which are round in shape and are made using cane on their inner covering, whereas the outer casing is enclosed with a leather cover. Though they might seem to be weak, but can actually accommodate twenty people and even oxen or horses, to help them go across the river.

On the outskirts of Thungabhadra River, tourists can explore the nearby places, like the famous Anegondi area, which has many ancient temples and pieces of architecture treasured in its vicinity.

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