Daroji Bear Sanctuary, Karnataka

Daroji Bear Sanctuary

The rock-strewn hillocks stretching between Daroji and Ramasagar in the Bellary district have been the abode to the Indian sloth bears since ages. On October 1994, the Karnataka Government declared 5587 hectares of the Bilikallu forest reserve as Daroji Bear Sanctuary.

Owing to the arduous efforts put in by the staff and local villagers, the sanctuary has been transformed into a lush green area of barren land scattered with stony hillocks and thorny trees.


Approximately 120 Sloth Bears live in this sanctuary, along with species of Leopards, Hyenas, Pangolins, Star Tortoise, Partridges and Quails. About 90 bird species and 27 butterfly species have also been identified here. The sanctuary can be visited from 6.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. on all days. Bears can be seen from a watchtower on a hillock, which has hundreds of caves, where the Bears take shelter.

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