St. Josephs Cathedral, Andhra Pradesh

St. Josephs Cathedral

One of the most magnificent cathedrals in the city of Hyderabad, St. Josephs Cathedral is located in the gun foundry region. Founded in the year 1820, this plac6e was established on a land that was bought to build a convent, a school and a church.

Five mammoth bells on the top of the cathedral and the Italian style of architecture, makes up for important sites that behold a person’s attention. The bells are adjusted in such a manner that a number of hymns on different themes can be played on them. These enormous bells are also believed to protect the residents against storms or lightening.

The center hall is planned in such a way that, at a time it can easily accommodate 500 people for offering prayers. This cathedral holds an important position among the Christian community. Regarded as a holy place, a person can feel relaxed and refreshed after visiting here.

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