Laxmi Chowk, Rajasthan

Laxmi Chowk

Location: Laxmi Chowk is one of the most visited tourist attractions and is located in the Zenana Mahal. This Mahal is known as the lady’s section and was constructed for the royal ladies.

Description: Laxmi Chowk is often addressed as the Courtyard of Goddess Laxmi. This Chowk has been decorated with beautiful flowers whose vibrant colors make the sight worth seeing. Laxmi Chowk is considered as a gateway to reach different palaces located within the City Palace. By travelling through the Laxmi Chowk, tourists can reach Rang Bhawan and Badal Mahal. This beautiful courtyard displays a collection of exquisite paintings. Vacationers visiting the Zenana Mahal can enjoy a pleasant evening with their loved ones.

Activities: Tourists visiting the Laxmi Chowk can also indulge in shopping. Various small shops line the Zenana Mahal and offer beautiful handicrafts. Tourists can also enjoy the food which is readily available at local eateries. The food is served piping hot and lets the tourists savor real flavors of the city. At some of the restaurants, along with the local cuisines, tourists can also indulge in various other delicacies. Religiously inclined tourists can mark a visit to different temples which lie in the vicinity and are dedicated to various Hindu deities.

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