Keesara Gutta Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Keesara Gutta Temple

Positioned on a small hilltop and at a distance of about 40 km from the main town, is the eminent shrine of Lord Shiva, the Keesara Gutta temple. Dedicated to the powerful Lord Shiva, this temple also enshrines idols of his consorts, Bhavani and Shivadurga.

There is a very interesting story concerning why the temple was named so. As per the legends, Shri Ram selected this pristine valley to mount this Shiva lingam, in order to atone his wrong doing of killing a Brahman, the powerful Ravana. He asked Hanuman to get him the Shiva lingam. Fortunately, the Lord himself appeared and offered Rama a Shivalinga. Hence the temple came to be known as Swayambhu linga and Ramalingeshwara.

You can see 101 Shivalinga present around the temple. As per mythology is also believed that, when Hanuman Ji returned, he became upset on seeing the installed Shivalinga and threw the one he carried. Seeing this, Lord Rama promised Hanuman that he would be the one to be worshipped first. So he named the hillock – Kesarigiri, which later came to be known asKeesara Gutta Temple.

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